Emilio - Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Version 1.0

Thank you very much for purchasing our template. This document will guide you use this template. If you have questions about anything about this template that isn't covered in this documentation, please send me an email.

System requirements

Before you install Magento 2, make sure your system meets or exceeds the following requirements:

  1. Operating systems : Linux distributions such as RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and so on
  2. Composer (latest stable version)
  3. Apache 2.2 or late
  4. PHP
    • 5.6.x
    • 5.5.x
  5. Required PHP extensions:
    •     PDO/MySQL
    •     mbstring
    •     mcrypt
    •     mhash
    •     simplexml
    •     curl
    •     gd2, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both
    •     soap
  6. MySQL 5.6.x
  7. Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or an SMTP server
  8. Optional but recommended:
    •     php_xdebug2.2.0 or later (development environments only; can have an adverse effect on performance)
    •     PHPUnit (as a command-line tool) 4.1 or later

Install composer

You can use Composer to install Magento 2. It is a tool for dependent management in PHP which allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and install them for you. Composer enables you to manage Magento 2, extensions, and their dependencies.

Here are the key advantages for using Composer:

  1.     Easy to integrate third-party components into the code base
  2.     Component-based architecture with robust dependency management
  3.     Reduce extension conflicts and compatibility issues
  4.     Versioned dependencies, semantic versioning
  5.     Supports PHP Framework Interoperability standards
  6.     An alternative to Pear packaging system

Now, download Composer and run its latest version. For more details on further configuration when installing composer, please visit this Composer installation documentation.
Follow the 6 steps below to start Composer installation

Install Composer via this link: https://getcomposer.org/download/

Download and run Composer-Setup.exe


Click on NEXT to continue

Click on NEXT to continue

Select the path where php.exe is located with xampp: C:/xampp/php/php.exe and then click on Next button

Choose Install

Finish: If you see the window is the same as the following one, you installed Composer successfully.

File structure

This is file tructure in the package.

				Themes File
				  |-- Base Package
				   |-- bs_emilio_template1.0
				    |-- app
				    |-- pub
				    |-- var
				  |-- Quick-Start Package
				    |-- Emilio.zip

Manual Installation

You can order our contact page, in message please paste your ID or username on themeforest and we'll contact with you. And we will install and configure theme for you!

System requirements:

Emilio theme supports Magento Community Edition 2.0.x,2.1.x.
You can download it here: http://www.magentocommerce.com/download.

  1. Install Magento Community Edition 2.0.0 to 2.0.4 if you don't have it installed already or check that your have right Magento version installed.
  2. !important: if you do have it installed already other theme on your system. The first, please ensure backup your system.
  3. Check that server PHP settings "short_open_tag" is set to ON. Contact your hosting probider if you dont know how to set this PHP value, before installing theme. If your short_open_tag = OFF you will get error "unexpecting end of file" after theme installation on Windows based server and some Linux servers.
  4. Now your install Emilio theme and can follow step.

Step1: Create root theme Emilio

Please extract file magento2.0.x or magento2.1.x your downloaded in emilio folder

Step2: Create database

Go to Create database bs_emilio

Step3: Install theme

Open browser and go to : to start install theme

Installation Run:

Follow this below steps to run Installation

Step 1

>> Choose Start Readiness Check. After Start Readiness Check is completed, select Next

>> you need to click on "Start Readiness Check". It maybe occur the error like the below image

>> You need to open your php.ini file and set always_populate_raw_post_data to -1.

Step 2

>> Enter server and database in step 2 and then click on Next

Step 3

>> Put your website link and continue to click on Next

Step 4

>> Customize your store: you can choose time Zone, Currency and Languages

Step 5

>> You need to Create Admin Account. Enter your information and move to the next step

Step 6

>> In this step, you should click on the button: Install Now

>> It will take some minutes to complete this installation process. If your window is the same as below, CONGRAT! You install Magento 2.0 successfully

Base Package

Emilio compatible with magento community 2.0.0 to 2.0.4

Please Open folder in folder Themefiles > Emilio > bs_emilio1_template1.0 > Base Package from purchased archive and upload all content inside it (folders app, pub, var) to your installed Magento directory:

You can Drag and drop folders into your site using your favourite FTP client (If you don’t have one, we recommend Filezilla).
You will be asked if you want to replace some of the files from your current installation - you must click YES to replace all files.
Don't worry - no core files will be replaced, all your old modules and themes will works as always.

Then you need right click to root folder click Use Composer Here and enter command : php bin/magento setup:upgrade

If you are Mac OS user we strongly recommend to use FileZilla client for theme upload, becouse MacOS finder can replace folders with files incorrect!

Well done! next to step : Import & Setup Data

Quick-Start Package

In Our package have quick-start version, it's included full directory of Magento Version 2.0.4 and database, too.

If you want to install by this version. Please do follow this guide below:

- The First, Please go to Theme Files > Emilio > Quick-Start-Package. In this folder you can see Emilio.zip file. please Extract files to root magento store.

- The Second, In folder Emilio your extracted in Quick-Start-Package. You can see database/emilio.sql.gz file. please import this database use to magento store.

- The Third, After imported database please access to core_config_data table In that database and you can see like this.

Then, please click on to Edit to table 3 and 4. You can see like this

please Edit field value and change to your url store

Note: - If you install our theme on live server, You shall change to your URL site. Else, If you install our theme on local please change that url to:[yourstore] or localhost/[yourstore]

- The Fourth, please open file env.php in app/etc folder and change some value like this:


Please fill Usenamme of database, password of usename for database and datababse name in that code. Then Save

- Well Done! Now only test your store on browser

- Note: If you want to login to admin, please go to: http://your-site.com/admin and use username is: admin and password is admin1234

Custom menu

Hi, We realsed custom menu for Emilio version 1.7

This menu have many option you can choose

Config menu


Add link menu after and before category menu: http://prntscr.com/bc7id7

Add block to top, right, bottom, left sub menu: In only category: You can click tab Custom menu:http://prntscr.com/bc7jfw

Insert block top, right, left bottom to click edit WYSIWYG Editor: http://prntscr.com/bc7jur you can add all html in you tab.


Hi, We realsed opcheckout for Emilio version 1.0

Config opcheckout

Layered Ajax

Hi, We realsed Layered Ajax for Emilio version 1.0

Config Layered Ajax

Product Videos

Hi, We realsed Product Videos for Emilio version 1.0

Config Product Videos

Import & Setup Data

Use with install Base Packet

The special in Emilio Magento Theme are you can import all Pages & Static Blocks. With only one click

Go to "Rokan Themes > Import and Export" from menu and click Theme Import & Export

In Theme Import & Export option, you can see options import Static Blocks & Pages

In Overwrite Blocks & Overwrite Pages. Please choose Yes and click Import Static Blocks/Custom Pages, like on above screenshot:


In this tab, you can set options related to export theme settings.

Static Blocks - Click "Export Static Blocks" to export all static blocks. Custom Pages - Click "Export Custom Pages" to export all custom pages. Theme Configuration - Click "Export Theme Configuration" to export your configuration values.

Please save file to patch : var/cms_blocks.xml and var/cms_pages.xml

Import follow path: var/cms_blocks.xml and var/cms_pages.xml

Back to Content > Blocks/Pages, You'll see all Static Blocks/Pages imported

Important :

After You import all CMS Pages and Static Blocks, Please Go to Stores > Configuration and click onto Web tab inside General. Then click onto Default Pages tab. In this Tab, choose:
CMS Home Page is Emilio - Super Market Responsive Magento2 Theme and in CMS Home Pagethen lick Save Config like image below:


We created a management system very professional slideshow. You can create slideshows with multiple pages.

Home Page Slideshow

To Set up slideshow on homepage. Please going to Rokan Themes > Manager Slider then click button Add Slider then create slidershow homepageslider

like this image

In Setting Slider tab are all options related to Main Slishow

  • Autoplay : Auto run Hompage Slide Show on Main Page
  • Navigation: Show Button Option(True/False)
  • Stop On Hover : Set to 'True', if you want to pause the transaction when the slideshow is mouseovered.
  • Pagination : Show Button Next Back Option(True/False)
  • Scroll Per Page : Option(True/False)
  • Items : Show Number Items of Slideshow on home page.
  • Rewind Speed :Include Rewind Speed
  • Pagination Speed :Include Pagination Speed
  • Slide Speed :Include Slide Speed
  • Items Desktop : Show Slideshow items on Desktop
  • Items Desktop Small : Show Slideshow items on Desktop Small
  • Items Tablet : Show Slideshow items on Tablet

If you need Edit Content and Images of Slideshow. Please going to Rokanthemes > Manage Slider Items Then looking for General tab you need setting:

  • Slider : Select slider your created in tab manager slider if have many slidershow.
  • Status : Enable/Disable
  • Image : Image Slideshow
  • Link Banner :Link banner when you click
  • Banner Text: Include Text banner

Left Slideshow show in category page

You can follow procedure homepageslider.

New Product

If you want to edit New Products Options. Please Going to. Rokan Themes > Products New

Then you can see like this image

  • Enable : Enable/Disable New Product
  • Auto : Auto Play Slideshow (Yes/No)
  • Title : Title Display
  • Show Price : Enable/Disable Price Option
  • Show Add To Cart : Enable/Disable Add to Cart Option
  • Show Add To Wishlist : Enable/Disable Add to Wishlist Option
  • Show Add To Compare : Enable/Disable Add to Compare Option
  • Show Rating : Enable/Disable Review Option
  • Qty Products: Quantity product display on bestseller product slideshow
  • Width Of Thumbnail : Width of thumbnail product
  • Height Of Thumbnail : Height of thumbnail product
  • Show Next/Back control : Enable/Disable Nex/Back for slideshow
  • Show navigation control : Enable/Disable Navigation for slideshow

If you want to display New Product. When create product. Need set Set Product as New from Date and Set Product as New to Date. Like this image

Onsale Products

If you want to edit Onsales Products Options. Please Going to. Rokan Themes > Onsale Products

You can see in that code, We've Title, Width, Height...

Best Seller Product

Show product in category name Category_beseller

Mostviewed Product

Show product in category name Category_mostviewed


Please Note: Images in the main file are replaced by placeholders, all images used for demo purpose only.

Google Web Fonts



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